Ex pornstar Mia Khalifa says she only made $12,000 from her X-rated career

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Ex-porn actress Mia Khalifa only made $12,000 in the industry despite the worldwide notoriety that earned her death threats and bans from countries, she has revealed in a tell-all interview – to utter disbelief from social media.

Complaining that “people think I’m racking in millions from porn,” Khalifa insisted she left the “industry” five years ago, adding that her troubles finding a “normal job” afterwards were “scary.” In a lengthy interview with her friend Megan Abbott, she details how she got into porn, became (in)famous for doing a scene while wearing a hijab, and attempted to move on despite having become so recognizable overnight she claims she couldn’t walk down the street without being recognized



Despite the death threats from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) – who she claims hacked her Instagram account at one point – and the notoriety that sees her continuing to be “ranked” as a top performer, Khalifa says she does not regret her brief sojourn in the industry, though it took her years to deal with the psychological hangover of being so abruptly shoved into the limelight. Once the high of fame wore off, the shame set in, and never really left, she laments.

Her followers didn’t buy the tale of hardship, and many outright accused her of lying – or pointed out that any subsequent “career” she had was built on her fame as a porn star. Some slammed her as “hypocritical” for dishing on how much porn “ruined” her life while continuing to go by her stage name, pointing out that she was still profiting off her porn career even while “talking badly” about it.



Others were more direct, offering crude propositions in various dollar amounts. “You must be trying to throw the IRS off your trail,” another suggested.

Khalifa reportedly continued to receive death threats for the scene that made her famous as recently as last year, though she has moved across the country and become a sportscaster.

Following the posts about her earnings, some refused to believe the figure was accurate.

One Twitter user wrote: “Ye ok but you definetly made more then you claimed or you got scammed big time. [sic]”

While another commented: “You only made 12k!?!”

A photographer then speculated on what sort of deal that Khalifa might have had, as it was similar for his models.

He wrote: “Once I pay the model and she signs that model release stating shes been paid and I can do whatever with the content, its a done deal.

“I can make money off the pics and vids for years.”


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