Taboos of our Society and importance of liberty to express

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By Naveed Murtaza

Just watched a on video on YouTube which is based on menstruation it;s characters are 7 years old child “pappu”, his parents, “mama and papa” and his grandparents “dadi and dada”,  Pappu & Papa, Mumma & Dadi also turn red as Pappu now has questions about periods, menstruation, bleeding and pads. What happens when the child mistakes a sanitary napkin for a paper-tissue to blow his nose so the debate starts and very wisely the family members teach their child sex eduction.

I just watched and wandered to share that video and  relate that video with  jumbled philosophy in my mind about liberity, or freedom of expression in context to individuals, family and children issues so these were  some topics I was thinking about to express my opinion on related to sex education, taboos and liberty
Sex education and things related to sex are considered taboo in our society, “south Asia” these taboos usually create curiosity in minds of children, youngsters usually teenagers, lack of maturity and curiosity to practice taboos may sometime dangerous but a bit of guidance, and broad mindedly discussing topics with children, is much better rather than considering sex education as taboo .

Some where I read that desi parents never express love with each other in presence of their children but usually in our male dominant society husband slap his wife. So this is due to conservative approach, and lack of liberty of expression in our society, what means liberty/ liberalism/ and freedom to me is “speaking truth without any fear, and telling lies for so called norms and mores of society, religion, personal interests, avoiding from reality just for sake of a hope which is based on shortcuts and goose, instead of slavery of all these things, just express what’s in your mind and teach your children not hide the questions arises in their minds, or whatever going on with them in school or wherever to express things or to share things.

So if any thing they are thinking about and that’s harmful for them, or happenings with them usually taboos based and they share with you as parents or elder siblings, and you came know on proper time and if that’s harmful you can guide them psychologically. So freedom to express and liberty encourages to speak truth and face reality ..
Give liberty face reality and build Bridges .

The video about i mentioned is produce by Y-Films is the dynamic, vibrant start-up at the intersection of films, creativity and youth culture that hopes to challenge the norm and detonate boundaries

the video is 4th episode of Se× Chat with Pappu & Papa, the most unique show of it’s kind in India – and probably the world. A 5-part series that attempts to demystify Se× and themes around Se× including masturbation, pregnancy, condoms, periods and homoSe×uality in a simple, clean, honest and fun manner. Research clearly shows that Se× talk with parents is directly and clearly linked to safer Se×ual behavior. The series has been heavily researched and ratified by some of the foremost medical experts, top hormonal, gynecological doctors of the country. We hope it creates some genuine social impact, not just locally but globally.



Disclaimerby aurthor : In expressing my own opnions or any analysis i usually don’t care of any grammer or sentance structure specially in topics i am individually much concerned about i.e. social so please do ignore such mistakes even if you don’t ignore i don’t care.



Naveed Murtaza is a human rights activist, journalist and researcher.
He runs Young Activists Movement a movement to engage youth in activism for peace, justice and human rights.

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